by The Lost Companion

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All songs composed, performed, and recorded by Wesley Nichols. Copyright 2013.

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released June 6, 2013

Album Art
Front Cover Design: Maya Renfro
her work:
Front and Back Cover Photographs: Rashi Kalra
her work:

Thank You To The Voices Of:

Karen Atkins
Eliza Berg
Connor Bischoff
Sophie Case
Theresa Govert
Margot Lieblich
Casey Marchek
Marcella Maloney
Dave Mercier
Mike O'Connell
Leah Renert
Emily Silber
Dennis Sweeney
Chris Viering

Guest Musicians:

Take A Ride
Dat Snare: Zach Popadin

Part Two: Here With You
Violin: Anna Julia
Flute: Emily Nichols

Special Thanks to Room Inhabitants:

Theresa Govert (How Long, Part Two, AroundAndAround)
Dave Mercier (Out Into The Wild)
Betsy Nichols (self Portrait)



all rights reserved


The Lost Companion Catskill, New York

New music as Patchwork Symphony:

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Track Name: Take A Ride
Feelin’ like I’m all alone and dreams are haunting me.
Peeling off your winter coat
Come and notice me!
I take you off and on your own, but I’m trying not to speak.
Too involved in what I want – I need your energy

Take a ride, I’m not your garden queen
Take a ride with me
I’m losing my esteem, ah

Crawling down a darkened hall, screaming on my hands and knees:
“I never get just what I want! Would you come and notice me?!”
I don’t need you at all, I need your energy cuz I’ve got someone else at home
Who doesn’t notice me

Take a ride, I’m not your garden king
Take a ride with me
I’m losing my esteem, ah
Track Name: Past / Future
Time can only lie ahead
A history, come and gone.
You think you know what the future brings, and what has passed
You’ve got it all wrong.
We dream of course, just to awake, and rise to meet the dawn.
A subtle rush of wind, it greets our morning
A gust, and it has gone.

You think:
you know the meaning of the sun
you know what time will bring
you have become

I think I’m immune to it all – I’m not
I’m just another lonesome cog.
Track Name: (self) Portrait
Come out on your own, you do it by yourself.
Make your presence known, if nobody helps.
Taken to a grave, where everything is lost.
Fall down on the ground, wishing I could walk.

Seems like I’m onto you
Heaven’s too far to hold on to
Wrapping my arms all around you, again

Move to run away – we see it all the time –
When you try to leave, throw it all behind (like you could leave it all behind)

Seems like I’m onto you
Heaven’s too far to hold on to
Wrapping my love up around you, again

If you want to stay, keep it in your mind.
Try to run away, livin’ out your worried life, ah.
If you want to be a stranger in your time,
Keep it locked away – hidden up inside your mind, ah
Isn’t there a place we knew when we were young?
It got lost away, hidden by the things we ought to become.

Seems like I’m onto you
Heaven’s too far to hold on to
I’d rather be without you
Track Name: Graduation
I was riding on my bike, getting lost in a forest grove.
We are moving out of sight – we used to tell each other where to go.
But now we’ve lingered long enough tonight, time to go and leave it.
“They” say the world will come out right, if we hope and believe it.

Looking for the light at the break of dawn.
No one wins this fight, and you’re on your own.
Track Name: How Long (A Traveling Song)
There were sounds around the morning sun that pleased you
I was worried that they might have gone.
And we lingered at the table after eating, wondering “how long does love go on?”
There was nothing but a traveler’s bag we needed,
In a howling wind of word and song.
They were all around to see me when I killed it, wondering “how long does life go on?”
How long have I been wrong?

They were hiding down inside the room, we made you wait until the afternoon to look.
When you saw her face you screamed into the evening, shouting
“How could I deserve my luck?”

If we left you all alone we knew you’d leave us, so we stayed with you all through the night.
There was something in the feeling when I held you,
Wishing everything would be just fine.
When I told you, you laughed at me.

Then a traveler’s bag was all we had, we shared it – nothing else when you are far from home.
In the space that came between us flew our demons,
And you know we live this life alone.
You know you live your life alone.

It was offered “spend the night, you look disgusting” – just a bridge to burn or step across.
It was then I knew for sure where this was leading, tell me, how long have I been lost?
Track Name: Meanwhile, In VA
Something strangely close to Cleanin’ Out My Closet is playing.
Track Name: JT / JV
Half the time, I’m lying – “come and talk to me.
Change it ’round, and let it go.”
Morning sunlight burning off the shape of dreams
Don’t wanna run around no more.

A rollercoaster lover, call to me –
“Leavin’ in an hour or so”
“Where are you going now?” (I wanted her to leave.)
Ain’t gonna run from my own home.

Half the time, I’m crying...
Now I’m supposed to be leavin’ out here in the morn.
“Where are you going now?” (I told her not to leave!)
Ain’t gonna run around no more.
No, I won’t run from you no more.
Track Name: Part Two: Here, With You
I don’t want to move you over, another skylight dream
I’m hopeful now.
On a trip, we’re sober without a number we can call back, now.

I’m a fallen rainbow comet, you’re my falling rainbow girl.
I’m your morning rainstorm, coming, just a cloud up in your rainbow world.
Track Name: Out Into The Wild
Out into the wild, out into the trees
Here is where I know everything’s at home, it seems.

You are in your house, I am down the street
We are walking through where we’ve gone, and in between.

Ooh ooh oooh

This is not a vow cold against our sheets
Rustle down into, out of my lungs smoke I breathe.

What if you were good? Never hurting me?
I would not have run, I would not have had to leave.
Track Name: Blues Scale
I go running in autumn. Constantly moving, propelled. There are leaves falling all around me; I watch them fall. Leaves have no preference. I am running, I am not – still they fall. Sometimes I think of catching a leaf in flight. But truthfully, I run and wait for the perfect leaf that, falling, reaches the height of my chest as I run by – opening a hand, I grasp it. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person sees a leaf – mysterious, inexplicably identified as the one – falling out ahead and speeds up to catch it. Or, moves out into the road, adjusting the running pattern to match the leaf’s descent. Who does this? They seem to have more confidence, more intention.

When I catch that perfect leaf – the one that doesn’t break my stride or alter my path – I hold it for a second. And I toss it away from my body, and it falls on the street with the others. It has no preference. Independent from my actions, it will fall.

How do you think of love?
Track Name: Midnight In Paris
I call out: “Life’s a daydream! I forgot how it tastes.”
Like a moonbeam falling down your leg at night
Through a window we thought was just a screen…and fall out,
As you start screaming that I forgot to leave it closed:
“You had told me you locked it down! I trusted you.”
“I was going to, but life got in the way.”
Like a doorway, when you check it twice and lock it down…
Through a window, it got in anyway.

Don’t we lie, just like we’re dreaming
Love is not set in stone, like a carving drawn in someone’s cave at night
He forgot when his life got in the way.
Now we linger around this “timeless artifact”
He had drawn you before he had the words to say a thing, or call out, as it starts raining:
“I forgot how this all tastes!”
Track Name: (self) Loathing
In this garden that I have grown around you, I’m surrounded by blood and toil and sweat.
Tears of love, laughter trickle on without you
I’m alone.

I was waiting inside my home to call you, when you called me I lost all interest.
How can love be so fickle, so dissolving? Is it love when our souls have never met?
Don’t you know how torn up inside I am still? I could wish for it all I want.
She will love me until we both are broken.
We are broken down, crawling in regret.

What I feel when she’s in my home, and not you – what I know I will never show.
Tell myself that I’m just too cold, or too new – what could be I will never know.
So I sit here, sing, and self-loathe along to my bedroom, and my books and chairs and desk.
And I’m calling, I am calling: “I’m left alone…I am nothing.”
Track Name: How To Tie Up Loose Ends
Everyone's tryin' to be a dancer
Come in and rub it in my face
Everyone's sayin' I'm a stranger
Love - I don't want it
I just need my own space
I'm gone.